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Brave New World
Themes,motifs,symbols Graphic Organizers
Biography on Thomas More
Biography of Huxley
Setting and Characters Grapic Organizer
Themes,motifs,symbols Graphic Organizers
Utopian Society
Review of film, Brave New World
Response to literature
Bonus (optian One)

Chapters 1-7

The Use of Technology to Control Society
" We so predestine and contition.
 Our babaies as aizable human beings
 as alphas or epsilians
The consumer Society
" The problem was to print an
economicaly sooner reason for
consuming transportion than a more
affection for primroses and land scape"
The Incompatibility of
Happiness and truth
" Bernard also laugned i after
two grammes of soma the joke
seemed, for some reason. good,"

The dangers of an All- Powerful State


"Ninty-six iddentical twins working
ninty-six identical machines!" "If we
could bokanouskify indentify the whale
problem would be sloved."



"Evidence one says I'm awfully
pneuamatic," said Lenina
reflect over her own lego"

Ford"my Ford," " Year
of our Ford," etc


" Once upon a time ....
while our ford was still
on earth there was a little
boy called Revioen R



" He;s looking out for someone
 to taste my place." "I;m going to
be sent to Iceland."



" For a very long time
before time of our ford
even for someone generations
after wards, eratic play blow
had been reguardless of laughter"



" And a man caused shakespeare.
You've never heard of them of course."



" A gramme is better than a damn ....
I wish i had my soma."

Chapter 8-9

The use of Technology
to Control Society
"If only you could see the
lovely reading Machines we
 used to have one in london
The consumer Society
" People threw cloths with hates in
them and get new ones"
The Incompatibility Of Happiness
and truth
"But what did they mean ? He asked
Linda but even when she dident answer
it dident seem to make very clear"

The Dangers of an All-
Powerful State


" I never did chemistry. My
 job was very embaressing



"Everyone saw I'm awfully pneumatic
said lenina. " Awfuly ." But there was
 an expression of pain in Bernard eyes.
" Like meat"

Ford,"My Ford, " Year of
out ford," etc


" Our ford - Our freud had been the first
to reveal the appealing dangers of



"There are Alphas, Betas , Delta Gammas



" I was still rather wish it had all ended differntly
I didnt want it to end with our going to bed."



" And a man called Shkespeare
 you've never heard of them of course



" Why you dont take soma when you have
these treatful ideas of yours. You'd forget
all about them. And instead of felling miserable."

Chapter 10-11

The use of technology to control Society
"The fifty-sixfour spindle checking
 and turning  machines were being
 marypantes by fifty- six aquline and
 gingergammas ."
The consumer society
Consuming soma: "The days soma
 rationthey get it after their work's over
four half-gamme tables. Six on Saturday
The Incompatibility of
 Happiness and truth
"Success went fiaaily to Bernard's head and in the process completly reconciled him to wonder which , up till then , he had found very unsatisfactory.'

Dangers of an All- Powerful State


"Everyone was busy everything in
ordered motion." This hive or industory .
"was in the full buzz or work



"Sunk in their pneumatic stalks leoma and
sauage sniffles and listed . It was nawtime
turn also for eyes anit skin."



" And willing as john had heard them wail
confussing their sins before jesus on the
cross before the eagle image of pooking."



" By his heretical views on spot ans soma the
scadless of his sex life and ford obley the
teachings of him......... I propose to dismiss



" He looked down at her for a moment
 , painted desging and ashamed of his desire. He
was not worthy , not ......."



" Do they read Shakespeare? "..gets
contains of reference . We dont encourage
them to indulge in any solitery amusments



" The Holidays gave  it perfect aint
if the morning after was disgreedable
it was so not interstically but only by comparison
with joys of the holiday"

Chapter 12

The use of technology to control Society
" I was giving my usualy course of advanced
Emotinaol engereeing
The consumer Society
Not Present
 The Incompatibility of
 Happiness and truth
Well Id rather be unahppy than
 have that sort of false happiness

Danger of an All
Powerful State


" I was trying to engeneer them into
feeling as i'd felt when i wrote true



Not Present

"Ford "


" Arch comm. songster leads celebrations



" The author will be kept under
supervisiono . His transfernce to
Marine of nessary"



" And the idenical girl not saying that she was having
someone else whom ..... she prefered'



" Up stairs in his room the sausage was
eady Romeo and justice"



" A few minutes later , however . he thought better of it
and took four tablets of soma"

Chapter 13-14

The use of technology
to control Society
" The lot is the pot, the cat is on the
 mat and the geomotry instuctionsfor
 bete workers in the grocery store"
The Consumer Society
" I mean I'd sweep the floor if you wanted."
" But we've got to vacuum the cleaners here."
 The Incompatibility of
Happiness and truth
" That beautiful, beautiful other place
whose memory as of a heaven a paradise
of goodness and loveless, he still kept
whole and intact injustified"

 Danger of an All
Powerful State


Not Present



Not Present



" Oh God, God, God ....."The savage
kept repeating to himself int he choas
of greif and remorse the mint it was on word
" GOD."



" Linda was lying in the last
of the long row of beds."



" Why dont you just go and take
him weather he wants it or not."



"It's like that in shakespeare too. If that
dosent break his knot beofre all cerimonies."



" Have a gramme had been enough to
 make lemina gorget and embaresment to her

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