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Brave New World
Review of film, Brave New World
Biography on Thomas More
Biography of Huxley
Setting and Characters Grapic Organizer
Themes,motifs,symbols Graphic Organizers
Utopian Society
Review of film, Brave New World
Response to literature
Bonus (optian One)

  •  Does the film utalize the same sttings and charcters?
               Yes they have almost every sigle one but of course the movie is kinda differnt then the book they have new charcters but the book and the movie had pretty much every thing together.
  •     Does the film empahize the same themes,motifs and symbols?

                The movei dident rally dicuss the themes motifs and symbols but of couse it would have the same thing because the movie was based on the book so they would have had to use the same themes, motifs, and symbols.


  •      What part or parts of thye book did the film help you better comprehend?


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