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Brave New World
Bonus (optian One)
Biography on Thomas More
Biography of Huxley
Setting and Characters Grapic Organizer
Themes,motifs,symbols Graphic Organizers
Utopian Society
Review of film, Brave New World
Response to literature
Bonus (optian One)

Crazy Utopia

Crazy Utopia
   Crazy Utopia is a place where people can just be them selfs we invite anyone who is anyone to live here wheather what race they are what religion they are Gay, stright this is place to just be you. Crazy Utopia is based on knowing who you are, doing thing you dident think you could do suprising your self surprising others.
   Crazy Utpoia was founded in 2006 in the United States. People came just to have fun wheather you are on vacation or not. It is known as one of the best utopias.
  1. Must be crazy
  2. Must do one crazy thing you dident think you could do
  3. Never be poliet
  4. Dont have to go to school
  5. Dont judge
  6. Make an exiting life for yourself and others around you

 Crazy utopia has rules butt hey made up as we go along and open to any suggestions. Despit our crazyness people love the fact that noe should be judged.

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