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   Aldous Huxley was born in Godalming, England. Son of writer Leonard Huxley who Aldous admired since that was his father and only freind in the word. Because his mother and sister died rightn after each other. So really his father was his only adult friend.
  He also went to a writting school for little kids his first had an unpublished book at age 17 years old. But of course Huxley dident stop there he kept on writting and telling stories he liked to tell .
  In 1934 he wrote a book that kids in school would read which would becalled Brave New World. It had dident kinds of utpias that people could have realate from.
   Three years later Aldous suffered from an illness called (keratitis pun ctata) which left him practically blind for two years. His older brother left him by commiting suicide in 1914. Aldous recovered from blindness after being in world war 1. Aldous found his writting which was to write and go known as a britsh writer. You never know that Aldous was not a citizen when he dcame to this country he was denied to be citiezen cause then he dident want to fight for our country but then later realized that he wanted to because he saw how this country works better then one then britin.
    After he married his wife Maria she died of breast cancer in 1955 and then he got remarried right after to Laura Arcera then was dygnosed with throut cancer.

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