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Brave New World

Utopian Society

Biography on Thomas More
Biography of Huxley
Setting and Characters Grapic Organizer
Themes,motifs,symbols Graphic Organizers
Utopian Society
Review of film, Brave New World
Response to literature
Bonus (optian One)


Major Thinkers

Robert Owens (1771- 1858)
    Owen was born in Newton, a small market town in Powys, Waless, where his father had a small businesss as a saddler and iron-monger, his mother came from one of the prosperous farming families , there young Owen received all his school education, which terminated at the age of nine. After serving in a draper's shop for some years he settled in Manchesterr.Then he marrried his wife Caroline which who would have had a baby but died as an infant, but had 7 surviving children four sons and 3 daghters.
    He was a succesful businessman who devoted his time into work time all he thought about was work.

Reason for the community?
      people wanted a place to where they believed in god and everyone was peaceful and poliet. A place where no one is judged and everyone is equal.
Rules for the community?
  1.   Pray
  2. tustworthy
  3. respectable
  4. helpful


"Reason why community did not last"

 The reason why the community dident last is because well it is a Religious community and so of course everyone is poliet and nice but the thing is they were so religious people who came from out of town would think they were strange and stuff.
  They belived in god and prayed before they ate and went to sleep which evey christian should. Thank god for every thing they have and will have in the future.

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