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"The Use Of Technology to cotrol Society"

 Technological literacy, a broad understanding of the human-designed world and our place in it, is an essential quality for all people who live in the increasingly technology-driven 21st century. This website explains what technological literacy is, why it's important, and what's being done to improve it.

     Technology has a big role in our community when u pick up a phone that has tchnology just to work, when you want to look up somehing on the computer that uses technolgy even when you wanna watch tv that does cameras, cd players, car, everything in this world has some type on technology. We can not live with out it or live would be boring there would be no life. In order to open a store technology is used lights and everything.

   Life is based on it with out technology i would have had to write this on a piece of paper insead of making a website. Every day something is invented differenty that has some kind of tecnology and in order to do that they have to go to college to be able to put to gether stuff and make up new ways to make this country what it is today .





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