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Brave New World
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Biography on Thomas More
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Author of Utopia Thomas More


           Thomas More was born in Milk street london on Feduary 7, 1478 and died July 6, 1834. He was thge eldest son of Sir John More. Thomas More was educated at St. Anthony's School in london.
            Later On i life Thomas More attended Oxford university for 2 years where he studied latin and logic. After just finishing school Thomas More moved back to london where he would study law with his father.
             A couple years later More got married in 1505. More and his wife Jane Colt had four children together, but later Jane died in 1511. Soon after jane's death got remarried to arich widow named Alice Middton who was several years his senior, but they did not have anychildren together. Although More treated and helped raise Alices daughter from her previous marage.
       More published his famouse book Utopia in 1515.  literary device of describing an imaginary nation primarily as a vehicle for discussing controversial political matters freely. His own attitude towards the arrangements he describes in the book is the subject of much debate.

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